Walks around bled

A walk to the Brje valley:

gloteIMG_04881-IMG_3477 Sava Dolinka v Brju






The trip starts in front of the Triglav National Park Information Centre, and visits the Brje valley and the Natura 2000 areas of protected wetlands along the river Sava Dolinka, which is famous for its tufa-forming (petrifying) springs and rare plant habitats. At this point it was intended to build a compensatory lake for Moste hydroelectric power station, which lies a few kilometres higher in the direction of Jesenice. We will see more tufa-forming springs, and later we will descend into the Brje valley to see the interesting seasonal vegetation and rare plants such as sawtooth sedge, Cladium mariscus. The route continues over the hill, or in bad weather climbs the road to the top of the terrace. At Piškovici you will see the reed beds and Zasip power station, and then climb to the higher terrace and continue across the meadows to Lipje, which is a very interesting example of a self-sufficient garden with many special features. From there we take a track to the glacial moraines at Krevljičev bošt, and finally arrive back at the start point, the TNP Information Centre.

Length: 10km


A walk over Hom to the Vintgar gorge:

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This trip starts at the main bus station. We will take shortcuts through the villas of Bled and pass Bled Primary School before crossing the meadow tracks to Krevljičev gozd (forest). At the top of the river terraces we will continue along the cart track to Zasip, and then onto the slopes of Hom to the church of Saint Catherine. Here you will have time to admire the view and look around the ancient temple dedicated to the sun. After a rest we will go on along the marked trail through the Vintgar gorge. We will gather again at the log cabin and head towards the village of Podhom. There are two possibilities for the return path:
1. Through the village to the well-known wetlands of Podhom, where there is a rare plant habitat and an area protected by Natura 2000. The route will continue past Grimšče Manor, and from there across the fields back to the bus station, which will be quicker through the heart of one of Bled’s oldest villages, Grad.
2.Through Podhom we will go to the village gorge, and then climb the slopes of Hom and take the path back to the church of Saint Catherine. This route is known for its beautiful views of the entire valley and the Julian Alps, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Karavanke. We will continue along a narrow path across an old pasture, then descend through the old village centre of Zasip and turn onto the fields, where we return to Bled through old orchards.

Length: 12km

Around Bohinjska Bela:

bohinjska bela 113 ajdovska deklca na Boh.Beli Babji Zob - 2013-06-20_15-45-48 gozd_2





This very diverse trip begins at Camp Bled. We will climb on foot up a forest road to the village of Bohinjska Bela, cross a stream and continue through the woods to a cliff, over which falls Slap Iglica (Iglica waterfall). You will be rewarded with an exceptional view across Gorenjska. After the waterfall we will descend to the village and walk through it to the river Sava Bohinjka. We will continue along a fisherman’s path by the river, watching the fish and listening to the birds and the water, as far as the village of Mlino, where we will end the walk by visiting an ethnological collection and refreshing ourselves with homemade beer and local cold meats.

Length: 10km


Participation in the walks is at your own risk. You will need appropriate footwear, and must be prepared and equipped to walk 8-12 km.

Along the route we offer a cold snack; please tell us any dietary restrictions on registration.

For primary and secondary schools:

We have prepared a series of short guided tours of natural attractions which can be tailored to the school’s wishes in terms of duration, difficulty and the number of pupils or students. The routes vary in length from 1 to 3 km, but may also be more or less. The guided tours of natural attractions are free for schools, with only entrance fees payable if required. Information and applications are accepted two weeks prior to the visit.
Participation is the responsibility of parents and at their own risk.

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